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The important aspect of orthodontics is the focus on preventing and treating patients with alignment challenges and overall jaw functioning.  An orthodontist specialist is not the same as a general dentist and requires more training to enter the field.  They are recognized as experts and have the clinical skills to provide quality orthodontic treatment.

There are varying levels of need when considering orthodontic treatment.  Teeth wear down over time if they are crooked or if the patient has bite problems.  In addition to the breakdown it is difficult to clean teeth properly when they are not as straight as they should be and without deep cleaning the teeth and gums will become unhealthy over time.  Not to mention that some bite problems can also damage the gums if not treated promptly.

An orthodontic treatment can range from moving a single tooth to a treatment involving jaw surgery or braces.  Every patient has his or her individual needs which must be determined by a specialist and each solution can vary in price.  Some patients might require an extraction which is typically due to crowding, severe bite problems, heavily restored teeth, or decaying teeth.  Our orthodontists can best consult, with your help, the solution for your particular needs.

Aside from the mentioned benefits there is also self-esteem and self confidence at hand when considering making your smile the absolute best that it can be and everyone should feel confident when smiling.  We take great pride in making your smile shine and giving you the confidence that you deserve.

The quality of your life and smile can be greatly impacted by orthodontic treatment.  We would like to help you find your solution today and help you achieve the smile you’ve always wanted and deserve.  Call today for a consultation.